Team of Panthri Infotech Panthri Infotech have the best sales and support team in the web service industry.

Team Members

We believe that profitability starts with powerful technology infrastructure reinforced by innovative software and world-class support. Leveraging one integrated system drives efficiency across your organization, from back office functions to field-based operations to C-level decision-making. For service industry administrators who rely on close financial control and timely cost information, our web- and mobile-enabled solutions give you a complete picture of your profitability and position your business for growth despite shrinking margins and increasing competition.

Anoop Sakiya

Development (Senior)

Tula Ram

Designer (Senior)


PPC/SEO Specilist

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    John DOE 12 mins ago

    Hello anyone here? I need to purchase web hosting!

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    Staff 13 mins ago

    Hey John! Welcome to the HostHubs support chat!

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